Got Some Questions?

If you're not rich, why not post about family hardships and struggles? It looks as if you have money to spare.

We're here to share happiness. We have problems and hardships too but we're not planning to post about it. We're not here to beg. If we have problems we solve it as a family first and not writing about it first and let others join in. So Troublesome, lol.

Your children are still very young, how do they manage to write in a blog?

For now, daddy will be writing everything but the ideas and questions will come from them. Try talking to your kids at this age and you'll know how talkative they can be.

Why is this blog not updated? It's a mess...

We're sorry. The blog is not yet complete because a lot has happened offline and we're not able to find time to write or manage this for now. rest assured that this blog will be updated soon


That's it for now... still thinking of other questions you might want to ask. Just tell us about it. Ask away. Anyway, the blog is still young and there is not much content...yet. Let's see how things develop. With or without audience we will continue this little project of ours.

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