Meet Elsa and Olaf!

August 15, 2018

I'm not talking about the Disney Characters here. However, the inspiration came from the Disney movie Frozen.  Our daughter, Hennessy, grew up watching Frozen over and over again and when our son, Jack Daniel (JD), was born he had no choice but to watch the same movies his elder sister love to watch. Little that we know, he was already enthralled by the snowman character, Olaf. Whenever we record a video of them, they would start calling themselves as Elsa and Olaf. Hennessy even adapted the name in school. I was a bit surprised when her classmates started calling her as Elsa.

We are so proud of these two. Here is a snapshot of our cute little Elsa and Olaf.

How about you, who was your childhood hero? For me, I was always fond of the cartoon The Tom and Jerry Show but never dreamed to be either Tom or Jerry.

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