The Famtastic4

Hi! Welcome to our family blog. Here, we share a piece of ourselves to the world. We are not celebrities nor we plan to be one. We're not rich. We are an ordinary family who is extraordinarily happy doing every day stuff together. We love taking pictures and videos of our activities and we love to share these moments to our friends and families and soon, maybe, to others who might chance upon this blog.

This blog is going to be both in English and Filipino (tagalog), depending on who's the writer. The kids will be writing in Filipino and for us parents we will be writing in English. The kids will be talking to Filipino children while growing up, hence the need for them to write in Filipino but we're not limiting them to it alone. We, on the other hand, are not experts in the English language but as much as possible we will try to write decent English. This blog will serve as a medium for us to practice writing in English since our job caters to English speaking professionals most of the time. 

Grammar Nazis, self proclaimed experts and native English speakers are welcome. Come and help yourselves, dig in and dive to a mouthful of errors that we might have overlooked or errors that we're simply unaware of. Bashing is not tolerated though. We welcome criticism with open arms but we certainly don't like uncalled behaviors and whatnots. We would like to learn from your inputs and not wage war to the whole grammar community.

If you're already reading this, then we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Hope you have a good read.

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