Our Relaunch Story

March 15, 2019

Photo by Camille Orense

Once, there was a family who lived in a castle very far away. Their castle is in the middle of a city and surrounded by other castles taller than theirs. They live a simple and happy life. The King goes out every day to hunt for food and find gold while the Queen use magic to do the same while staying at home and taking care of their two children. Their firstborn, the Princess, is a young and beautiful girl who is quite shy but lovable. The youngest, the Prince, is so adorable but is also the naughty one. The two children love the camera and so the family found a way to share a part of themselves to the world. They've created a small virtual space to share their stories and for some time it also served as their window to the world. Time had gone by and a lot of things happened that they were no longer able to keep up that small space. They also had to leave the city behind and moved to a castle surrounded by mountains and trees.

They struggled for a few months to adapt to the changes. The King started to learn magic from the Queen, so he can also stay home while hunting for food and find gold. The Queen mastered her magic and the hunt for food and finding gold is more stable now and secured. School has started. The Princess started going to school for the first time and the young Prince learned to express himself better. Everything is now in place, and the family decided to continue sharing to the world again. Today the family will open themselves to the world again and shall live happily ever after.

Thank you for reading our relaunch story.

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