Hennessy @ Five

March 19, 2019

Our family is a bit different or at least we think we're different. We don't want to stand out or anything. We just wanna be different because sometimes being different is okay.

It's common to give out and receive birthday presents during birthdays. Since we're a bit different, we didn't give out any birthday presents to Hennessy's classmates, who celebrated their birthdays in school, this year. The reason behind this is that we really don't wanna be unfair (Excuses! LOL). Not every kid gets to celebrate their birthday in school. Not every kid gets to have their birthdays during the school year. We wanted everyone to receive gifts but not everyone will receive one if we wait for them to start a party or to celebrate in school. Instead of birthday presents, we decided to just give out Christmas gifts to everyone instead. I'm pretty sure we didn't miss any kid when we did that :)

The day came when we are now the one to celebrate Hennessy's birthday in school. We told her over and over to not expect anything from her classmates and we are only doing this because we want her to also experience how it is to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. This is also a chance for us to give back to those who celebrated before us. She said okay and smiled. Somehow she understood.

Hennessy was very happy because other than just having her classmates sing her happy birthday, we were also overwhelmed with gifts. Hennessy gave the most priceless expressions when she opened her gifts. We were all surprised and we learned a lot from this experience. I'm pretty sure that "change is coming" next school year. We can't thank you enough for showing us that sometimes we don't really need to over think, we just need to give our children the happiness that they deserve.

We will be uploading her birthday video... soon.

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