In Their Smiles

March 25, 2019

Keep smiling, people around you had brighter days because of the smiles you share every day. - The Famtastic4
Photo by Camille Orense
We are not the perfect parents, yet, God blessed us with lovely kids.

Our kids are also far from perfect but in them, we discovered the true meaning of happiness. Some travel the world to find happiness. Some stay at home taking care of their kids. We are proud to be the latter. When we look at them, play with them and laugh with them happiness just overflows. Sometimes, we look too far just to be happy not knowing that true happiness starts from our loved ones, our family and most of the time within ourselves

My wife and I were also lost souls before. Trying to find our happiness amidst this ever-changing world. We found happiness when we met each other and then our happiness became complete when the two came. We constantly tell them to share their lovely smiles because if those smiles brighten up our day it will surely brighten up others as well.

A smile can thaw a frozen frown. Be content and find true happiness. Have a blessed day.

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