More Than A Teacher!

March 29, 2019

"The key to unlocking a child's potential is a great teacher" - The Famtastic4

Raising a child is not easy. Teaching them how to behave and be kids is quite challenging. What if instead of teaching just one you have to teach 17 sprightly kids? A preschool teacher's life is not easy. Every day is not just about alphabets, colors, and shapes. They say that to be a teacher you'll need a great deal of patience, understanding, and determination. For all the teachers out there, we salute you!

It was a bit of a struggle for us to find the right school for our little princess. There were a lot of factors to take into consideration. Security, teaching method, environment, and money are some things we were very peculiar of. Out of all these things, there's one that was very important to us and that is how our little princess would feel about going to school. We asked her a lot of times if she is ready for school and the answer was always a yes. This will be a first for her. She never had playschool. Our daughter is very shy and is used to just us four. After some time, we found the right school and was already impressed with Miss Roxanne during the summer school. We were hoping to have her as Hennessy's junior kinder teacher. It was only during the first day of school that we found out that she was assigned to teach the Senior Kinder class. We were worried because Hennessy will have to adjust to a new teacher again plus new classmates. The first day of classes was the day we met Miss Melanie Lapitan.

A school year has passed since the day we met. Hennessy learned to socialize and has also gained friends. She sings and dances with everyone too. This was all thanks to your patience, understanding, and determination to teach and guide our children and unlock their potential. You easily became the person Hennessy learned to love and respect. You were an inspiration to her, and she even decided to become a teacher when she grows up because of you. We also thank you for extending your care and love to our Jack Daniel. Amara and Luffy are sure lucky to have you as their mom. We feel that we were not able to thank you enough during the Moving up ceremony. With big smiles on our faces, we thank you very much. Thank you for making this school year fun and amazing for our kids. You're more than a teacher, you're an inspiration.

A special shout out to all the parents of JK and SK students, to all the staff, sisters and teachers, thank you for making school fun and exciting for our kids. 

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