A Tale of Two Kittens: A Purry Tale Story

April 18, 2019

Can't think of a purrfect quote for this post, so I'll just purr here and there purr now.

I feel I'm not really the right person to tell you this story but, somebody's got to do it. Just thinking of the right title and quote was really a struggle. Hehe. I tried to compose a few things from song lyrics like, "Purrst love purrst love never dies. Remember", to famous sayings, "To purr or not to purr." I even had a Rick Astley moment, "Together purrever and never to purrt together purrever we two."; ended up with nothing. Hehe. I'm not an authority when it comes to cats; that's the reason. I'm not a perfect person. There are many things I wish I didn't do, but I continue learning. I never meant to do those things to you. And so I have to say before I go. That I just want you to know. Okay, let's not sing the rest of the song. If, you want to hear me sing then read till the end. LOL. Also, the picture looks kinda lame, right? That's because... it is *grins*. The story will start in three, two and one...

It was a cold and foggy morning. You can hear several birds chirping; they were singing a beautiful melody. The trees seemed to wave their branches as if greeting you a very good morning. Indeed, it was a fine day except that I was just imaging that it was cold and foggy; it was actually a bright and very hot day. I couldn't believe that the day would be this hot, hotter than the drop-dead gorgeous that I am. LOL. Other than listening to the natural melody the birds created we also heard a faint cry from somewhere near. The cry sounded familiar; It was a cry of hunger, a cry for help. It sounded like a cry of an abandoned/lost kitten. Feeling chivalrous, we set out on a quest to rescue the kitten. Actually, we needed a cat or two in the house. We then went outside and tried to follow the cry, but it was gone. Only a pile of garbage can be seen; waiting for the garbage collector to pick it up. We returned home and decided to put our quest on hold, but we kept ourselves on the alert for the kitten's cry again.

It was already noon when we heard faint cries again, but it seemed a bit different from before. We immediately followed the sound. It seemed to be coming from underneath the car. We checked underneath, and yes the cry indeed came from underneath the car. It was no kitten though. My brother-in-law's dog gave birth to six beautiful puppies. It was good seeing those puppies, but we were really looking forward to getting a cat. I was sure it was the sound of kittens crying and not really puppies, but since there were no kittens to be found, we have to give up on our quest.

Night came, the temperature outside is a bit cooler now; it was a quiet and peaceful night. Breaking the silence of the night we heard a crying sound again. We just ignored it. The cries are getting louder and louder; it was exactly the same sound we heard this morning. We went out and started searching again. Lo and behold, the garbage is still there. The garbage collector didn't show up again! While staring blankly at the pile of garbage, two kittens suddenly jumped from behind it. A kitten with orange and white fur responded to my wife's call and hurriedly run towards us, but the one with white and black fur was very cautious. Looking at it closely, I think this kitten knows Kung Fu. LOL.  It took me some time to grab the little fella. We gave them food and space to sleep. The kids were really happy. Our first quest as a family was a great success. We all lived happily ever after.

We cannot deny the fact these kittens were thrown away; left to starve and to survive on their own. We will continue to care for these kittens. We will give them the chance to live their lives; the life that was almost taken away from them. If the people you look up to never cared and threw you away, there will always be people willing to pick you up and care for you. God will always find somebody right for you. If none is up to the task, God will be the one to lift you up.

As promised earlier and if you're still sticking around waiting for me to sing, I will definitely give you goosebumps and the eargasm that you deserve. LOL.

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